A pioneer in railroad asset development, CitySwitch was formed in 2004 as a partnership between Norfolk Southern and wireless infrastructure and telecommunications industry professionals.  The company successfully developed, managed and leased hundreds of towers for wireless service providers, governmental agencies, Fortune 500 companies and railroad tenants.  

In 2010, CitySwitch completed the sale of its owned and managed tower portfolio to Global Tower Partners. The portfolio was subsequently merged into American Tower Corporation (NYSE: AMT).

With the long-term backing of American Infrastructure Funds, CitySwitch recently reemerged, providing infrastructure on strategically located properties to meet the growing needs of wireless service providers and others.

Our Investors



American Infrastructure Funds (“AIM”) is an innovative private investment firm that makes investments in the real property, infrastructure, natural resources, and energy sectors. AIM has $3B in committed equity capital and 25 years of experience helping management teams successfully grow their businesses.


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Our customers are the nation’s top wireless operators as well as Class 1 railways; we collaborate to develop and lease wireless infrastructure.

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Why CitySwitch?

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